I'm Alison, here's all you need to know:

Jersey all day, tattooed, pierced, sarcastic, cynical, occasionally hilarious, friends are everything, pit bulls=best dogs ever, animal>people.

I'm fat, and fucking fabulos.

Its obnoxious how in love I am with my cat. Be prepared for dozens of posts, pics, and videos about him. You have been warned.

Ask me stuff. ;D

Ready? Set, GO.
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A bit of red. #browneyedgirl #redhair

I shall call you lava. @taraoheff

I come in peace.

Pure. Excitement.


And on this day, I am a strawberry.


This is my new favorite non threatening threat

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Late night police calls… I don’t wanna.

Well hello spring time. Nice to finally see you. #selfie

All the senior ladies. #shelterland #minpinsofinstagram